Move like water

Imagine what it feels like to glide down on a wave with nothing more than your own body. Feel the energy of the wave as it lifts you up, you align your body towards the direction you want to go and the wave does the rest. 

Bodysurfing. It’s the purest form of being connected with water. 

It’s raw, powerful and fun. It’s a full body work-out and a free chiropractic. It’s relaxing and focusing at the same time. It’s real watermanship.

The Yoga of Bodysurfing

There is a strong connection between the art of Bodysurfing and classical (Hatha) Yoga. At first this might seem a little bit exaggerated but if you take a closer look you’ll see the similarities. 

The ancient yoga practises are based upon mainly four core elements; Body postures known as Asanas, the mastery of the breath known as Pranayama, the use of hand gestures and body locks, known as Mudras and Bandhas. And the mastery of concentration is known as Dhyan. For a yogi, mastering all these elements will result in an enlightened state known as Moksha.


While bodysurfing, we place ourselves in quite unique postures and even hold certain hand postures to ensure the best hydrodynamics. All while being fully in control of our breath, with occasional breath retention intervals of at least 30 seconds. And while you slide over a wave’s face, how concentrated and ‘present’ are you?

Besides all the fun and connection with water, bodysurfing is an incredibly powerful practice for the body and mind. It’s a complete yogic practice in a fluid, ever changing environment. No wonder it makes you so fulfilled and alive!

Water Sessions

During water sessions we combine bodysurfing with on-land breathing techniques and movements. Being in the water in a safe environment also allows you to learn a lot about the ocean, you’ll see and feel all the movements and energies (much more compared to sitting on your board). Besides all the fun, this is a great way for surfers, swimmers or anyone else to become more comfortable in the ocean and in your own body.

The sessions take place once a week around Aljezur, exact location and time depends on the conditions. Best way to join is to send me a message!

Please note: You do need to bring your own wetsuit. If you own a set of fins, bring them with you as well :).   

I am a certified surf instructor, lifeguard and breathwork teacher.