Surf Coaching

Surfing is a beautiful way to clear your mind, express your emotions and be out in the elements. Once you know the feeling, you’ll start to form your life around it.

It can also be quite the opposite, I think we’ve all experienced that as well. In surf coaching, my main goal is to help you improve and so you can fully enjoy your time in the water.

Feeling stuck with your cross steps and can’t find your balance on the nose? Or are you struggling with steeper take-offs and turns? The surf coaching I do is mainly focussed on classical surfing, think nose-riding and single fins. But with a ton of experience in coaching in many different forms and a huge passion for the ocean, the only requirements you need are your own gear and some good energy. 

Holistic Approach

A key element is a holistic approach. Holistic meaning whole or complete, a complete range of factors is taken into consideration. Besides just plain technique, we’ll work on the whole spectrum.

I’ll try to change your view on waves, see the energy, see and feel how water is moving underneath you, notice how the moon affects all this. The ocean also teaches a lot about our body and mind, paddling through a big set of waves or dealing with a lot of frustration and emotions, implementing tools such as breathwork help change your surfing experience.

Want to know more?

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